Lynden Sewer Video Inspections

We Specialize In Drain Cleaning, Video Inspections, Pipe Bursting, Clean-Out Installs & More!

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Clog & Stoppages Removal
  • Video Inspection of Plumbing
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Buried Line Location
  • Commercial Services
  • Residential Services
  • Trench-less Sewer Replacement
  • Trench-less Water Replacement
  • Clean-Out Installation
  • And More
Best Rooter Service is the company to call when you’re experiencing drainage problems. We specialize in Lynden sewer video inspections, drain cleaning and clog removal. Not only do customers put their trust in our specialty company, but also so do plumbers and contractors. We have a 96% success rate and can remove the most stubborn clogs.

To schedule a sewer video inspection, contact Best Rooter Service today. We are open seven days a week to accommodate our customers!

What Is The Purpose Of Sewer Video Inspections In Lynden WA?

The purpose of having a video inspection done is to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage. This allows our techs to create an immediate plan of action to remove the clog. And because we’ll know exactly where the blockage is, this saves time and damage to your property. Prior to video inspections, we had to make an educated guess.

Here are some of the reasons to schedule Lynden sewer video inspections:

  • Get an accurate diagnosis

  • Protect your lawn from excess digging

  • Locate breaks in your lines

  • Find out what’s causing the blockage

  • Schedule a timely repair

  • Prevent further problems

Best Rooter Service Specializes In Video Inspections

Best Rooter Service is a family owned and operated company that will find and remove any blockages in your pipes. We use specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras to conduct a visual inspection of your sewer lines and underground pipes. This allows us to see what we normally can’t.

When you choose us for sewer video inspections in Lynden WA, you can expect:

  • Over 55 years of cumulative experience

  • Honest, upfront feedback

  • Flat rate affordable pricing

  • State of the art video inspection equipment

  • Open seven days a week

  • Guaranteed work (30-90 days)

Schedule A Video Inspection Today

The overall goal of a sewer video inspection is to find out what’s causing problems in your pipes without digging up the ground. Let Best Rooter Service provide you with professional Lynden sewer video inspections so that we can get to the bottom of your drainage issues.

When our tech diagnoses the issue, they can schedule the repair that you need while causing limited disruption to your property. Schedule your appointment with us today!