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Do you need to schedule a video inspection? Best Rooter Service provides Burlington sewer video inspections using cutting edge technology. Our waterproof cameras conduct a visual inspection of your sewer lines and underground plumbing to identify blockages or damage. It’s a non-intrusive procedure that helps our techs see the inner workings of your pipes.

To schedule a camera inspection, contact Best Rooter Service today. We are open seven days a week to better serve our customers!

When Should You Schedule Sewer Video Inspections in Burlington WA?

Video inspections can find clogs, broken pipes, tree root infiltration and more. We recommend scheduling an inspection in the following circumstances:
  • You’re moving to a new house. Just as you inspect the inside of your new home, you’ll want to inspect the underground pipes. Sewer video inspections are especially beneficial for older homes with lots of trees.

  • Your drains are slow. If your drains are slow or backing up, this indicates that there may be a blockage in your drainage system. A video inspection allows you to get an inside look at your plumbing.

  • Your water pressure is low. Whether your water pressure is low or inconsistent, you should get things checked out. Fluctuating or decreasing water pressure can be the result of a leaky sewer pipe.

  • You have a foundation leak. Foundation leaks are often caused by the sewer line. Rather than digging up your foundation to find the leak, a video inspection will tell you exactly where the damage is.

There are some things you can’t control, such as tree roots and mineral buildup. However, you can watch out for these issues so that they don’t leave you blindsided in the future. For example, you can have a video inspection done to look at tree roots and install a water softener to reduce mineral build up.

Why Choose Us for Burlington Sewer Video Inspections

Best Rooter Service is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1996. We have plenty of experience in this industry, and our techs are trained and experienced. Their knowledge, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to be extremely efficient when identifying and repairing sewer line problems.

Other reasons to schedule sewer video inspections in Burlington WA with us are:

  • Flat rate affordable pricing

  • 30–90-day guarantees (on lines that are up to code)

  • Open seven days a week

  • Free estimates over the phone

  • Honest feedback

  • Live dispatch service

To schedule an appointment for Burlington sewer video inspections, contact Best Rooter Service today.