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If you’re dealing with Burlington clogged sink drains, you might not be sure what to do. Clogs are common after all, so is this really a sign that you need to call in the professionals? It depends. Some drain clogs can be handled on your own with a drain snake, while others require more specialized knowledge.

We also want to point out that you should always be careful about using drain cleaners in your drains. We do not recommend using these cleaners in your kitchen sink because they can deteriorate your garbage disposal. Drain cleaners can also damage your pipes, so they’re not even a great choice for bathroom sinks.

For the best service, contact a company like Best Rooter Service to take care of your clogged sink drains in Burlington WA.

Why Choose Us To Fix Your Sink Drains

Best Rooter Service is a locally owned company that was established in 1996. Customers trust us for our knowledgeable technicians, honest feedback, and competitive rates. Plumbers and contractors trust us, too, as they often contact us to handle the jobs they can’t finish.

Because we specialize in drain cleaning services, we have specialized tools and experience that allows us to handle the most stubborn clogs. In fact, we have a 96% success rate! Here are some reasons to choose us to fix your Burlington clogged sink drains:

  • 55+ years of cumulative experience

  • 30–90-day guarantee on lines that are up to code

  • Veteran owned

  • Free estimates

  • Live dispatch service

  • Highly rated on Google and Yelp

  • Flat rate affordable pricing

Professionally Fix Your Clogged Sink Drains In Burlington WA

We recommend scheduling an appointment with Best Rooter Service if your sinks are draining slowly, there are foul odors, or your drain is making unusual noises like gurling. This means that there’s a clog that’s probably the result of a buildup of hair, soap scum, food waste or a small object.

Because clogs can be a sign of something deeper, such as multiple clogs or a sewer line clog, it’s best to work with a professional. This way, you can make sure that your pipes are free and clear, and that something bigger isn’t going on. To schedule an appointment to fix your Burlington clogged sink drains, contact Best Rooter Service today.