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The best way to know what’s going on with your underground pipes is to schedule a video inspection. Ferndale sewer video inspections use cutting edge equipment to pinpoint where blockages are. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures a speedy and accurate repair with minimal disruption to your home.

To schedule sewer video inspections in Ferndale WA, contact Best Rooter Service today. Our locally owned and operated company has convenient hours, trained technicians, and flat rate pricing for the best service possible.

When To Schedule A Sewer Video Inspection

Video inspections are incredibly valuable tools because they allow for an up-close inspection of the interior of your pipes. Some of the issues that Ferndale sewer video inspections can pick up are tree roots, cracks, damage, and clogs from small objects.

The most common reasons why you would want to schedule a video inspection are frequent sewer back-ups and sewer leaks. These problems indicate that there may be damage to the sewer line. But you may also want to schedule an inspection before a remodeling or landscaping project, as well as to verify the age and condition of a sewer line before buying a property.

What Are The Benefits Of Sewer Video Inspections In Ferndale WA?

When you hire Best Rooter Service to perform a video inspection, you can expect an accurate diagnosis. There is no guesswork, which results in quicker and more precise repairs. Let’s look closer at the benefits to scheduling a video inspection:
  • Locate a leak or water break. Water leaks tell you that something’s not quite right with your plumbing. Any changes in water pressure or unusually high-water bills warrant a call to Best Rooter Service.

  • Eliminate digging. In the past, we had to guess where a potential blockage might be. Unfortunately, that resulted in unnecessary digging at times. With a video inspection, you’ll get an accurate diagnosis.

  • Determine the condition of your pipes. A video inspection lets you see the inner workings of your plumbing. It’s non-intrusive and helps you identify problems early.

To schedule Ferndale sewer video inspections, contact Best Rooter Service today! We have affordable rates, friendly technicians, and appointments seven days a week!